E-BOOK menyediakan buku-buku agama Hindu gratis bagi anda yang ingin mendalami ajaran Hindu. Secara umum ebook lebih banyak yang berbahasa inggris.


SINCE the dawn of history, various extraordinary phenomena have been recorded as happening amongst human beings. Witnesses are not wanting in modern times to attest the fact of such events, even in societies living under the full blaze of modern science. The vast mass of such evidence is unreliable, as coming from ignorant, superstitious, orfraudulent persons. In many instances the so-called miraclesare imitations. But what do they imitate? It is not the sign of a candid and scientific mind to throw overboard anything
without proper investigation. Surface scientists, unable to explain the various extraordinary mental phenomena, strive
to ignore their very existence. They are, therefore, moreculpable than those who think that their prayers are answered by a being, or beings, above the clouds, or than those whobelieve that their petitions will make such beings change the course of the universe.

// rajayoga


1. Pasupata Brahmana Upanishad

2. Pranagnihotra Upanishad



1 thought on “E-BOOK AGAMA HINDU”

  1. ingin berlangganan terus dgn. blog.ini karena saya senang tahu benar dan faham benar dgn. budaya yang berhubungan dgn. majapahit.apalagi hal2 yang ada hubungaj dgn.spiritualnya.

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